We have the right business
storage units for you.

Business Storage Units at Big Orange Storage can help you grow your operations by freeing up space, having greater access to your stock, and minimising your risks.

If you are downsizing from larger premises, Self Storage is the ideal solution to store your excess business stock, files or furniture. Our storage options are also suitable for storing expo stands, promotional items and product samples.

Your business might be in the process of relocating, needing business storage units for both long and short term needs. At Big Orange Storage, we have the right space and solutions for you.

Big Orange Storage offers…

  • PIN coded access
  • Trailer and truck for hire
  • Merchandise shop
  • CCTV
  • Forklift
  • On-site Manager

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Business Opportunities

Self Storage offers plenty of business opportunity for business entrepreneurs. The Internet provides a golden opportunity for small business to flourish and there has been thousands of new virtual businesses pop-up on the Internet over the years.E Bay provides the perfect platform to run a small business where your goods can be displayed in a competitive environment customers can bid on them or purchase them and then it’s only up to you to get those goods to the customers.

Mini Warehousing

Commercial space especially in large shopping centres comes with a premium where every square metre is important. Smart retailers use all the space they can for retailing their merchandise and many new Self Storage spaces for stock storage and overflow.At special times of the year when sales are on like at Christmas, additional Self Storage spaces can be used to house excess stock or Christmas stock.

Retailers Help

Retailers can also take advantage of excess stock from wholesalers by cutting a deal with them often on extended payment terms, knowing that they can take on additional Self Storage spaces to store the additional stock.Warehouse sales are also popular with customers, but if you don’t have a warehouse you can’t have one! Self Storage provides the opportunity to store that stock normally need is a location to warehouse from and replenish your stock from your Self Storage mini warehouse.

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